Siat Sampian – Sampian War


Located at the Samuan Tiga Temple, Gianyar, the locals annualy hold the siat sampian tradition as part of a sacred ceremony in the temple. There are several smaller ceremonies before Siat sampian begins.

The ceremony commences as hundreds of people gather around the temple while dancing depicting a crow bird. The procession continues where female members of the temple who have been purified along with the priest of the temple goes aroung the temple to purify the area. As they finish, a “Ngombak” ceremony begins. About 300 male and female who have been purified holds hand one to another and forms a wave movement around the temple.


After Ngombak is over, the men and women take the sampian (an item of offering made from palm leaves) and begin to throw and hit one another with the sampian. Sampian represents the weapon of God Wisnu, which is used to fight against the evil spirit of Adharma. The philosophy that can be drawn from this ceremony is to get rid of evil spirit from the earth.