Sang Hyang Dedari


Sacred dances such as Sang Hyang Dedari are performed to appease god and requests for their blessings. The dance begins as two young virgin girls dances accompanied by the chanting voices of male and female dancers who surround them. Gradually the girls will slowly dance in a relaxed beautiful movement and eventually become in a state of trance.


It is believed that god enters their bodies and presents movements that the girls could not perform in a normal state. Occasionally they may sound like a wild monkey, depending what kind of spirit that enters their body. At the state of being trance and dancing, the girls unconciously will always have their eyes shut. As the young girls slowly collapse after a few minutes, the other dancers requests to the spirit to peacefully leave the bodies of the young girls. The priest will pray beside them and blesses them with holy water that marks the end of the dance.