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Pandan War

Perang Pandan or known as mekaré-kare, is a verenation ritual held to honor the God of War – God Indra. This annual ceremony, located in the village of Tenganan, East of Bali is one of the largest religious ritual on the island. Each battle is between two people and only ...


Sang Hyang Dedari

Sacred dances such as Sang Hyang Dedari are performed to appease god and requests for their blessings. The dance begins as two young virgin girls dances accompanied by the chanting voices of male and female dancers who surround them. Gradually the girls will slowly dance in a relaxed beautiful ...

Sang Hyang Jaran

This dance is performed specifically to repell from the evil spirit as well as to protect the community from hamful diseases. The authentic sanghyang dance is not performed in public stages, which makes it very difficult for tourist to experience the true ambience of the sacred dance. Dancers of ...

Siat Sampian – Sampian War

Located at the Samuan Tiga Temple, Gianyar, the locals annualy hold the siat sampian tradition as part of a sacred ceremony in the temple. There are several smaller ceremonies before Siat sampian begins. The ceremony commences as hundreds of people gather around the temple while dancing depicting a ...

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Authentic Balinese Cuisine

Authentic Balinese cuisine is the original ceremonial food. The most popular being lawar (balinese style of spicy salad), saté, and babi guling (suckling pig). Lawar is made of minced meat, vegetables, finely cut crackling, mixed with a lot of spices and uncooked-blood as a binding sauce. Saté or ...

Calendar of Events

  • Galungan and Kuningan

    February 19 – February 29 2020

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Potong gigi

Potong gigi, also known as mesangih or mepandes, is a form of ritual body ...